Blood, Milk & Honey is a freelance graphic designer and mixed media artist in the Ottawa/Gatineau area named Alexandra Laine.

Alex is a 27 year old queer, sex and sex work positive, trans-inclusionary feminist. With their artwork ranging from the sweet and dainty to the NSFW, Alex aims to include their audience in their journey of self discovery and awareness, wherever that takes them.


Alex has had a constant itch to make art since they were old enough to hold a crayon in their hands and spends countless nights feverishly creating until they are satisfied. Coming from a long line of artists (including aunts Pili and Valeria Preller), some of Alex's earliest memories are of long quiet afternoons spent in their grandfather's study (Chilean watercolour painter, Eduardo Preller Werner), hunched over a canvas with their tongue hanging out in concentration, mirroring their first art teacher. 2 decades later, you can still catch Alex making the same faces while in the throws of creating their art.

Since their early days of watercolours and pencil crayons, Alex's work has branched into all kinds of mediums, including collage, cross-stitching, photography/videography, music and of course, digital drawing/painting. It is within the digital world of art that Alex has found their niche.

Alex is a 2016 graduate of the CEGEP Heritage College NewMedia and Publication Design program with 10 years of graphic design under their belt. Their degree is in Office System Technology with a specialization in Micropublishing and Hypermedia; to put it plainly, they are trained in web and print design.

Over the years, Alex's design skills have been used in projects with several business entities, including logo and business card designs for InkSession Tattoos and Piercings, photography for the Never Give Up Clothing line, packaging renderings for Sonara Foods, a website for Emulisfy Ottawa, and a new logo for Girls Rock Camp La Pazto name a few.  

Business cards and logo design for Inksession Tattoos and Piercings, in Ottawa    Photo taken for promotional purposes for Never Give Up, the Motivational Clothing Line    Web rendering of product packaging for Sonora Foods in the GTA    Screen shot of website made for Emulsify - the oil and vinegar experience, in ottawa     Logo design for Girls Rock Camp in La Paz Mexico  

With their life being deeply routed in the Canadian music scene, they has also had a lot of their work featured on event posters/promotional campaigns, and has even done album artwork for artists like; QuinnzelleMurder StateThe Weak Attractions and Yanis

While Alex is the main power house behind Blood, Milk & Honey, not nearly as much work could be done without mother and fellow artist, Lucia Preller. Lucia's busy and meticulous hands are behind many sewing projects seen in the Nine Lives Thrift collection, insuring everything she touches gets a little extra love. But that isn't all she does - you can check out Lucia's stained glass work here!

For questions regarding design services, Alex can be reached at Alexandra.Katherine.Laine@gmail.com